Divis Consulting was formed in 2004 to provide project management, geotechnical engineering, construction observation, and subsurface investigation services to the San Francisco Bay Area.  Divis Consulting, incorporated in 2007 and is registered as a Micro Local Business Enterprise (LBE) with the City of San Francisco since 2008.



Mr. Divis has 20 years of experience providing geotechnical engineering services for a variety of projects in the San Francisco Bay Area. His experience includes project management of geotechnical field investigations and construction observation services, developing and managing budgets, logging and sampling of geotechnical borings, engineering analysis and construction observation. Mr. Divis has experience with infrastructure projects, public utilities, airports, public and private housing and commercial developments.  His professional experience has included analysis of bearing capacity and settlement of foundations, deep foundations, deep excavations, shoring, tiebacks, tiedowns, soil nails, soil mixing, ground improvement, general grading and engineered fill, pavement and roadways, underground utilities, retaining walls and finite element analysis.

Mr. Divis has experience providing recommendations and conclusions for urban infill projects, where construction activities could potentially negatively impact adjacent structures and improvements.

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Mr. Pinheiro's geotechnical experience spans over 19 years in the infrastructure, commercial, and residential markets within California.  He is experienced working with public agencies and collaborating with various disciplines in public works projects.  He is experienced at managing projects and engineering staff,  planning and directing subsurface investigations and laboratory testing programs, providing geotechnical recommendations for subgrade stabilization, and performing engineering analyses to evaluate slope stability, settlement behavior of soil under loading, bearing capacity for shallow foundations, lateral and vertical pile capacity, lateral earth pressures for design of below-grade structures, and seismic hazards including lateral spreading, liquefaction, and seismic densification potential.